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Our Story

Carolina Small Business Development Fund creates economic opportunities across North Carolina.
We support communities by helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams.

We are dream catchers.

Our Story


Your journey begins here. But It's not just a loan. You’ll gain access to capital, the skills to manage debt and build credit, and resources for financial education. To apply for a loan, please complete our online application.

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North Carolina Small Business Recovery Fund

Was your business damaged during Hurricane Matthew, or the recent Tropical Storms or Western wildfires? You may be eligible for assistance.

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Programa Empresarial Latino

Nuestra misión es proporcionar servicios de préstamos, asistencia técnica y herramientas de gestión empresarial a los empresarios hispanos y la comunidad latina en Carolina del Norte; en especial a aquellos que están social o económicamente en desventaja o desatendidos.

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Western Women's Business Center

The mission of the Western Women’s Business Center is to provide capital, high quality technical assistance, and programs that reduce barriers and serve as a catalyst to the success of women entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Carolina Small Business Development Fund in partnership with Shaw University has established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Southeast Downtown Raleigh. The Center’s purpose is to: inspire, connect, encourage, and support startups, students and existing entrepreneurs.

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Westchester Realty

Lewis Tillman had been an executive at Motown Records for 15 years when he decided to return home to North Carolina for a career switch into real estate. Though many told him he’d have to spend years learning the ropes at an agency, Lewis had his own idea. He wanted to start his own agency, and he had a new model that he wanted to implement. Rather than having agents pay a percentage of sale to the agency, he only required a flat fee—no matter how much they sold, or what the price was. This allowed him to attract talented agents to grow his business. To further his financial stability, Lewis wanted to purchase the building he was operating in. But getting a bank loan proved difficult, and he was turned down despite showing over 12 years of profits and stability. He turned to the Small Business Administration, and was referred to Carolina Small Business where he was able to get the financing he needed to purchase the building. 

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What North Carolina can learn from Kansas

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Black-owned businesses represent impact and opportunity

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Carolina Small Business Development Fund, HQ Raleigh Launch Southeast Raleigh Entrepreneurs Initiative

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$39.3 Million

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