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The Start of a New Chapter

September 19, 2016 / Lenwood V. Long, Sr. / Company News

For over 25 years, my incredible team and myself have been dedicated to helping small businesses in rural and historically-underserved communities bring their dreams to life. However, I began to notice that I kept having the same type of conversation outside of the office—that people didn’t know what The Support Center was or what we did.

There was a disconnect between the name and the mission. It clouded the identity of what we were doing with who we say we are. That cloudiness led us to start a year-long process of aligning our brand with our mission. And I’m thrilled that I get to introduce you to Carolina Small Business Development Fund and show publicly the fruition of that work today.

The Possibilities

This new brand is vibrant, it’s colorful, it speaks to our mission, and most importantly, we’re excited about it.


This process has been more helpful and useful and powerful in establishing brand alignment than anything we’ve done since we launched the small business lending organization in 2010.

Our organization was already empowered by its mission to do the great work that we do. Now we have the power to articulate what we do in a way that will be much clearer to potential borrowers, stakeholders, and the general public.

We are positioned to have an identity that brings clarity, that says who we are, and that better positions us to be operating in this industry with a laser focus of name and mission.

Now when you talk about capital, policy, and everything related to small businesses, Carolina Small Business will be the go-to organization. Not only to get capital but also for all the information you need to know about small businesses. This will reinforce our goal to be not only a provider of capital to small businesses but be a thought leader as well!

The Celebration

Tonight we are having an official announcement at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. Going through a process like the one we’ve gone through deserves a celebration.

It’s a rebirth of an identity and we thought it was the best vehicle to joyfully share who we are and what we do. We thought it would be important to let our community be engaged in the joy we feel about this undertaking.

Because we support communities by helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams. We are dream catchers!!!

Be Steadfast!
Lenwood V. Long, Sr.


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