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The Support Center is now Carolina Small Business Development Fund

September 19, 2016 / Sadaf Knight / Company News, News

We have always been proud of our ability to provide capital and lending services to small business owners in underserved communities. However, one of our biggest challenges has been brand awareness. Having a name like The Support Center made it difficult to get across what we did or how we could help small business owners.

One of our goals is to be an accessible funding resource and that means being accessible in every way possible—making it easy for small business owners to access capital and resources they need.

That is why embarked upon the effort to change our name and our brand. Today, we are excited to announce that The Support Center is now Carolina Small Business Development Fund. Along with a new name that expresses what we do and who we serve, comes a new visual identity and website.

New Name, New Brand

Our first goal when we started this process was to refine our message so that we could communicate to our audience in a clear and concise way.

Now we have a clear message: We support communities by helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams. We are dreamcatchers.

A clear vision: To create economic opportunity for all people.

A clear mission: To foster economic development in underserved communities by providing capital, business services, and policy research to support small businesses.

And we also now have an exciting new look that is fresh and modern that creates an easier experience for our borrowers and all visitors to our website.

New Logo

Within a complex small business landscape, we provide the tools and guidance that allow entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams—to light their own way. So it was natural that we were drawn to the idea of a torch.

The torch within our logo symbolizes support, leadership, and success. And we now have a symbol that represents how Carolina Small Business will see the job to completion and help its partners to be successful.

A Team Effort

One of our favorite parts of this project is how everyone has embraced this process. From our board to our president to our employees, we made sure to involve as many people as possible so that it would be a true team effort.

We’d also like to take a moment and thank the team at New Kind who helped make this whole process happen. They’ve been so helpful in keeping on us track and facilitating this entire process.

We’ll never forget the first workshop we had. It brought us closer as an organization and helped the rebranding process take root.

Going Forward

We are so excited as a company to share our new brand with you, the small business owners. You’ve always been a part of us and now that is reflected in our name. You’ve made such an impact for the Carolinas. We hope our new brand makes an impact for you.

Sadaf Knight and Janice Rojas