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Carolina Small Business Board Spotlight: Garrett Taylor

September 11, 2017 / Janice Rojas / Board Spotlight

This month we’re spotlighting Garrett Taylor, Board member of CSBDF and co-owner of Uplift Comprehensive Services. Garrett is also the Executive Director of the Power of U, Inc.; and co-owner of Taylor Made Publishing.

“I believe the best way to truly promote social change, growth and opportunity in the communities I serve is via entrepreneurialism. The reality is, we cannot wait for a large corporation to come and create opportunity, we must create those ourselves,” said Garrett Taylor.

Here are some fun facts about Garrett:
CSBDF: What’s your alma mater?
Garrett:Elizabeth City State University/ Troy University

CSBDF: Where is your hometown?
Garrett: Windsor NC

CSBDF: What inspired you to become a Board member of CSBDF?
Garrett: The opportunity to help create opportunities and promote growth in my community.

CSBDF: What is your proudest moment at CSBDF?
Garrett: My first board meeting. Being surrounded by so many community change agents.

CSBDF: What is your personal philosophy?
Garrett: That change happens when individuals seize their own power and MAKE it happen.

CSBDF: How do you define success?
Garrett: Success is found at the intersection of Happiness and self-sufficiency.

CSBDF: What is the inspiration behind your work?
Garrett: Making a better tomorrow for my children.

CSBDF: What is the best book you have ever read?
Garrett: The Alchemist

CSBDF: What is your favorite movie?
Garrett: Coming to America