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The Numbers

Almost 87 percent of businesses in North Carolina have fewer than 20 employees. Those businesses account for 17 percent of all employment within the state.

Since 2010, Carolina Small Business has funded 698 loans, totaling $57.6 million, which have in turn helped create or retain 2,538 jobs in communities across the state.

We have also provided over 3,000 entrepreneurs with business coaching, one-on-one technical assistance, training, and business education.

What that Means for NC

These “Main Street” businesses—shops, restaurants, service providers, and others—are the economic engines of healthy communities.

They create jobs, generate community wealth, and support supply chains for larger businesses.

The workers they employ spend on goods and services locally, save for their futures, and pay taxes that generate revenue to support our publicly funded programs and services.

Regions at a Glance

North West 11 Loans $1.0 Million 20 Jobs
Piedmont Triad 52 Loans $4.0 Million 142 Jobs
North Central 241 Loans $17.6 Million 989 Jobs
North East 57 Loans $4.3 Million 149 Jobs
South East 65 Loans $6.4 Million 242 Jobs
Sandhills 44 Loans $5.4 Million 189 Jobs
South West 120 Loans $9.4 Million 468 Jobs
Western 108 Loans $9.4 Million 339 Jobs

Policy and Research

Carolina Small Business provides timely research on the broader economic impact that our small business lending programs and community development work. This analysis helps put forth thoughtful policy recommendations to strengthen our state’s economy.

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Success Stories

One of the most rewarding things about working at the Carolina Small Business Development Fund is being able to see people realize their dreams.

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Western Women's Business Center

The mission of the Western Women’s Business Center is to provide capital, high quality technical assistance, and programs that reduce barriers and serve as a catalyst to the success of women entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina.

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