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The Numbers

Almost 85 percent of employer businesses in North Carolina have fewer than 20 employees, accounting for 23 percent of all employment within the state.

Carolina Small Business has funded 992 loans, totaling $68.4 million, which have in turn helped create or retain 4,181 jobs in the region.

We know this work is vital because our research shows, empirically and objectively, the importance of small businesses.

What that Means for NC

Small “Main Street” businesses—shops, restaurants, service providers, and others—are the economic engines of healthy communities.

They create entrepreneurial networks, improve local quality of life, and revitalize distressed communities.

Neighborhoods with robust small firm ecosystems create a business environment that is desired and sought out by larger companies.

Regions at a Glance

North West 12 Loans $1.2 Million 22 Jobs
Piedmont Triad 55 Loans $4.1 Million 157 Jobs
North Central 284 Loans $19.5 Million 1132 Jobs
North East 68 Loans $4.8 Million 227 Jobs
South East 72 Loans $7.0 Million 321 Jobs
Sandhills 54 Loans $7.4 Million 263 Jobs
South West 319 Loans $14.2 Million 1791 Jobs
Western 114 Loans $9.6 Million 241 Jobs

Research Program

Our work is shaped by evidence-based and apolitical research highlighting why small businesses are the foundation of economic development.

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Success Stories

One of the most rewarding things about working at the Carolina Small Business Development Fund is being able to see people realize their dreams.

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Programa Empresarial Latino

Nuestra misión es proporcionar servicios de préstamos, asistencia técnica y herramientas de gestión empresarial a los empresarios hispanos y la comunidad latina en Carolina del Norte; en especial a aquellos que están social o económicamente en desventaja o desatendidos.

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