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Program Evaluations

Assessing the linkage between our work and positive socioeconomic outcomes.

Latino Program (Programa Empersarial Latino): Evaluation of Lending Outcomes
Published in May 2020.
The Latino Program serves North Carolina’s Hispanic community with a holistic combination of technical assistance and access to capital. One of the program’s primary outputs is ensuring clients are able to repay their loans and improve their credit.  CSBDF’s process evaluation assesses its ability to meet this goal via statistical modeling. We also consider whether its operations are supported by peer-reviewed evidence. The data support the program as effective and operating as intended. Download the report.

The Economic Impact of Assisting Small Firms: An Analysis of CSBDF’s Lending Activities
Published in February 2020.
Small businesses are cornerstones of sustainable economic development, but their impact can often be hard to define. Utilizing an input-output modeling approach, we evaluate the economic impact of firms assisted by CSBDF’s lending in fiscal year 2019. The data model suggests each small firm contributed to North Carolina’s economy by creating an average of $224,383 in payroll earnings, 4.8 full-time equivalent jobs, and contributing $20,755 in new tax revenues. Download the report and/or brief.

Operations Data Analysis

Examining the validity and accuracy of internal data collection processes. 

2019 Loan Client Survey Cycle: Analysis of Generalizability
Published in February 2020. 
The use of survey data to measure CDFI impacts is commonplace. But the ability to draw conclusions about survey findings depends on whether the data can be generalized. This report assesses the extent to which CSBDF’s 2019 survey of loan borrowers is generalizable. The data suggest the survey respondent pool is representative in nature, although respondents tend to disproportionately represent larger loans with a favorable repayment status.  Download the report.

 Independent Analysis

CSBDF’s organizational structure gives research staff independence in all work related to program evaluation and data analysis. The findings presented on this page are never edited or changed in any way by CSBDF’s management, regardless of any negative or positive implications.

Public Datasets

We’re confident that our data stand up to public scrutiny. All of CSBDF’s data related to lending and technical assistance are available for public (non-commercial) use upon request. To ensure the confidentiality of clients, data are anonymized. To make a request, send us an email.

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Carolina Small Business supports development by providing access to affordable capital, offering training and guidance to entrepreneurs, and through research demonstrating how small firms are the cornerstone of regional economic growth.

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Our work is shaped by evidence-based and apolitical research highlighting why small businesses are the foundation of economic development.

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Carolina Small Business values openness about how we measure our impacts. We publish how we define jobs to demonstrate our commitment to accountability.

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Programa Empresarial Latino

Nuestra misión es proporcionar servicios de préstamos, asistencia técnica y herramientas de gestión empresarial a los empresarios hispanos y la comunidad latina en Carolina del Norte; en especial a aquellos que están social o económicamente en desventaja o desatendidos.

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