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Step 1

loan Application: Step 1

Are you currently under a bankruptcy plan or have you been discharged or dismissed from bankruptcy in the last 24 months?
Yes No

Do you have any existing tax liens or debt that are NOT currently under an approved repayment plan with the IRS?
Yes No

Do you have any federal student loans that are in the delinquent status?
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Has your business been generating revenue for more than 12 months?
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Do you have any other source of income outside of the business (employment, spousal salary, rental income, retirement income, etc.?)
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Welcome to Carolina Small Business Development Fund - we are excited to help you navigate through the lending process. You have two options:

  • Complete a PAPER APPLICATION submit it along with the required documentation to epalmquist@carolinasmallbusiness.org
    We may request additional information or documentation following the review of the application.
  • Complete the Online Application by using the icon link below

We highly recommend working with your local Business Development Officer to provide support helping you with the best opportunity for lending options.

Please select a county for the assigned Business Development Officer. Write down his or her information for your records.

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Thank you for expressing interest in a business loan from Carolina Small Business Development Fund.

Before you submit your loan application, we’d like to work with you through the challenges you’ve indicated in the pre-application form to put you on a path to loan readiness.

Click the Request for Counseling button to contact our Business Services team to learn how we can assist you and improve your eligibility for a loan

Request for Counseling

Please complete and compile the following forms and information listed on this Small Business Loan Application Checklist (“Checklist”) for submission with the attached Small Business Loan Application (“Application”) to Carolina Small Business Development Fund, a North Carolina nonprofit corporation (“CSBDF”).  The items requested in this Checklist are not intended to represent an exhaustive listing of all items that may be required by CSBDF to fully underwrite and approve a small business loan to Applicant.  For clarification on any of the items requested, please contact a CSBDF Business Development Officer to discuss.

As used in this Checklist, the term “Personal” means (i) if Applicant is a sole proprietorship, the sole proprietor, (ii) if Applicant is a partnership, each general partner and each limited partner who owns 20% or more of the equity interest, (iii) if Applicant is a corporation or LLC, all shareholders or members owning 20% or more of the equity in Applicant, and (iv) any person or entity to provide a guaranty on the loan; the term “Affiliate” means, generally, any person or entity with the ability to control or to be controlled by Applicant or any third party controlled by same; the term “Current” means current within 90 days of the signed Application; and the term “Interim” means the current fiscal year-to-date.

  • Small Business Loan Application
  • Applicant and Personal Credit Release Authorization
  • Current Personal Financial Statement
    With spousal signature when applicable.
  • Personal, Applicant, and Affiliate Tax Returns
    • For Loan Requests Greater than $50,000 – Most Recent 3 Years
    • For Loan Requests of $50,000 or Less – Most Recent 1 Year
  • Current Applicant and Affiliate Interim Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Debt Schedule, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Aging Reports)
  • Applicant Business Plan to Include Financial Projection Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
    Financial Projection Statements should project out to the upcoming fiscal year-end.  If operating for less than 3 full fiscal years (or a start-up company) the Financial Projections should be formatted month-to-month for the first 12 months and formatted for fiscal year end for the following year.

Additional Documents Your Business Development Officer or Analyst May Request Include:

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Documents
  • Purchase Contract / Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Copy of original Note and Current Statement Showing Principal Balance and Interest Rate For Any Debt to be Refinanced
  • Construction / Renovation Costs Estimate
  • Business Entity Documents

We are in the process of updating our online application.  During this process, you may experience issues with the online application. 

We recommend you complete the Paper Application (fillable-pdf)  but you have the option to complete the Online Application, if that is your preference. (You do not have to do both).


    • Complete the Online Application by using the icon link below

Please complete and submit the online application, following the icon link below.

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Thanks to Carolina Small Business, I have the resources I need to grow my business and I am comfortable knowing I have a resource helping me. Carolina Small Business is a part of my journey and challenges me to build my weak areas and helps me to build my account finances.

- Jimmy Price, A Step Above Cleaning Service

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One of the most rewarding things about working at the Carolina Small Business Development Fund is being able to see people realize their dreams.

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