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Chios Rotisserie

Lima, Peru native, Claudia Aseng is the chef and owner of Chios Rotisserie located in Garner, NC. With a Culinary Arts degree under her belt and a desire to open a restaurant, Claudia decided to bring her idea of opening a Peruvian restaurant to life. But before she could do that, she needed start-up capital to support her restaurant. She heard of Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF)’s Latino Program/Programa Empresarial Latino and qualified for a loan.Thanks to a loan from CSBDF, Chio’s Rotisserie became a reality in August 2017. Chio’s Rotisserie is Peruvian style cuisine restaurant offering takeout, pick up and to-go service. Since it opened, Claudia has added over five people to her team.

“One of the main challenges I had when starting my business was taking a hard look at my finances and watching my expenses. That was key to my success,” Claudia said in regards to challenges she faced along the way.

“Even though I am the owner of the restaurant, Chio’s Rotisserie is a family contribution with all of us putting a piece of off effort into it. That’s something we’re all proud of,” said Claudia.

Prior to opening a business, Claudia managed and worked a catering business. She also worked in marketing and in the construction field for 12 years in project management.

In the next five years, sees her business growing. Claudia dreams of opening a second Chio’s Rotisserie, in another region of the state of NC.

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