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Djubi/Moonracer Industries Inc.

“Just plan for it and enjoy the journey. Overnight success takes time,” – Dave Yearick.

Everything started one day when Dave was playing catch outside with his son. His son, who enjoyed the game, wanted a more active way of playing it with his father. Inspired to find a solution, Dave, a savvy marketer and creative, had the idea of designing a toy… a racquet with a large basket webbing that made playing catch easier and more interactive.

Dave Yearick and his father Norman Yearick decided to design and create the game, Djubi, pronounced joo-bee.  After years of working on the prototype, Dave and Norman finally opened their business in 2009 and introduced Djubi to the world for the first time with a mission to encourage kids to get off the couch, get active and get outside.

To help expand their products and manufacturing, Dave and Norman applied for a loan with Carolina Small Business Development Fund, allowing them to sell more and increase their products. With Djubi’s success, they were able to hire sales representatives to help sell their toys. Today, Dave and Norman have up to 5+ products that they sell on their website www.djubi.com and on Amazon. The toys continue to be a hit!

“It’s great to have your own business. The biggest challenge is that it takes time for your business to grow. But you have to have endurance and be dedicated to your business and never fear,” said Dave Yearick.

In the next five years, Dave and Norman see their business continuing to grow by collaborating with distributors and getting into retail placements. They also hope to expand their brand by increasing marketing outreach of their business and increasing awareness.

Dave currently resides in South Carolina with his wife and three sons. Norman, who lives in North Carolina, helps to manage the finances and accounting for the business while Dave continues to think of creative ways to expand and market the business.