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FrontLine Fitness

Kenny C. Ragsdale is the owner of FrontLine Fitness of Wake Forest, NC. After over 20 years of fitness training experience in the United States Army, Ragsdale decided to combine his passions of fitness and entrepreneurship to form his own upscale health club. With the help of CSBDF, Front Line Fitness is helping members achieve their fitness goals while providing employment to six individuals.

Ragsdale’s interest in fitness began very early in his life.  After constant participation in school sports as a child, Ragsdale was introduced to lifting weights after joining the Army, which eventually transformed from a hobby to a passion.

Ragsdale’s dream to own his own business also began at an early age, when he began working for his father, a well-known real estate broker. Originally only maintaining the lawns of his father’s properties, Ragsdale later decided to launch a neighborhood lawn-care service of his own alongside his best friend.

“This went on for a few years, and it was during that time that it became very apparent to me that I wanted to own my own business when I grew up,” recalled Ragsdale.

In August of 2017, Ragsdale achieved his lifelong dream by working with CSBDF and combining his passions for fitness and entrepreneurship to create FrontLine Fitness, his very own fitness center specializing in personal training, high-intensity boot camps, fitness classes, and nutrition advisement.

“If it were not for the funding provided by CSBDF, I may not have been able to launch my business,” theorized Ragsdale. “The networking opportunities and advice from the business coaches have been great.”

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Website: https://www.frontlinefitness.fit/

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