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NEXXA Transportation

Joseph Rogers, Jr. is the owner of NEXXA Transportation, located in Charlotte, NC. While listening to a friend’s story about a negative experience renting a car, Rogers decided to start a company focused on generating positive experiences for its customers. Originally a chauffeur service, the company transitioned into the performance vehicle rental market to fill a gap in the Charlotte market, acquiring necessary capital with the help of Carolina Small Business Development Fund. Today, NEXXA is known for delighting its customers and providing rental services on a mix of sports cars, autocycles, and motorcycles.

Rogers’ decision to start a performance rental business that puts the customers first was a natural one. Inspired by the relationships with others in his life, such as his late older brother, Rogers saw similar companies on Instagram took a chance on himself and created the business of his dreams.

“I saw other companies in and around the world doing high-end luxury rentals, and I fell in love with the idea. But, I wanted to make it unique and my own,” revealed Rogers. To open NEXXA, Rogers overcame many challenges by improving his self-confidence, as well as getting in contact with CSBDF.

“As much as I believed in myself, I was still hesitant to go all the way in,” Rogers remembers.

After deciding to take the leap and start his business, Rogers needed capital, so he decided to contact CSBDF. With the help of CSBDF, Rogers acquired the capital he needed. “CSBDF was instrumental in us being able to shift how we do business,” explained Rogers. “Without CSBDF, we would not have been able to open the doors.”

Unsurprisingly, the owner and founder of a company created to foster exhilaration in its patrons values spreading happiness over earning money. “Money comes and goes, but making an impact on someone lasts a lifetime,” asserted Rogers. “Success for me will be when I know people genuinely enjoy being around my team members, our company, and our culture is one of a kind.”

In the future, Rogers sees NEXXA Transportation furthering its positive impact on the community.

“My ultimate goal is to have our company in a position that creates and provides job for individuals who have had obstacles in their lives and are just looking for someone to give them a chance to prove their worth,” avowed Rogers.

Website: https://www.nexxatransport.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NEXXATransportation