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Salt & Smoke

“When Josiah and I decided to pursue opening a restaurant it was because we were greatly passionate about the industry.  Merely being able to explore and create the food he is interested in, is a success for Josiah.  I have the same passion about running a service team and building up a beverage program for a restaurant.  At the end of the day, if we can do what we love, keep our family afloat, and see people getting joy from our business—that’s success,” said Shannon McGaughey.

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Salt & Smoke is a husband and wife team, Josiah and Shannon McGaughey, cooking up ever changing menus that explore the link between old world European traditions and classic Southern fare.  Although Salt & Smoke functions through window service, their aim is to offer restaurant caliber service both through guest interaction and innovative dishes.  The streamlined menu utilizes the bountiful products of the region, highlights charcuterie, and promotes honest food that lends excellent pairings to Burial’s innovative brews.

Salt & Smoke is a grassroots operation that started out as a pop up kitchen at Burial Beer Co., where Josiah and Shannon would cook from home, set up a make-shift kitchen at the brewery, and ask guests to pay whatever they thought reasonable for each dish.  They were elated to see that people enjoyed the food and soon enough the owners of Burial offered a permanent fixture.  Since it wasn’t feasible to build out a full kitchen on the property, Josiah and Shannon has to think outside the box. When they found out about custom-built food trailers, they reached out to Carolina Small Business Development Fund for a loan to purchase one and since then have added two employees to their team.  That fixture, now attached to the brewery, has become the small home where they produce and serve all the dishes.  Now that they have a fully operational kitchen, Josiah wanted to expand the menu and follow his passion.

Both Josiah and Shannon’s inspiration comes from a multitude of chefs, restaurant managers, and bartenders over their years of experience.  They take that inspiration as a learning lesson to work and continually build even more inspiration by reading cookbooks and culinary literature that catches their eye.

“During the pop up phase, it became clear that when Josiah was left alone to cook whatever he pleased, it continuously took the form of Southern/Appalachian classics or old world European cuisine.  Inspired by all these food cultures, Josiah sought to link them together in his menus,” said Shannon McGaughey.

Currently, Salt & Smoke is in the process of applying for a second loan with Carolina Small Business Development Fund to open a brick and mortar with the hopes of offering a full service restaurant that serves dinner weekly and brunch on Sundays, with plans to keep Salt & Smoke running as well.

“Right now getting the brick and mortar started is our main goal.  The ultimate goal is to have both businesses running for long enough that they are streamlined and stable within the industry.  We want to be around for a long time in this city and have our restaurant be a classic spot that everyone knows and loves,” said Shannon McGaughey.

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