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Top Notch Performance

Since opening its doors, Top Notch Performance (TNP) has become a location for youth, high school, endurance athlete, adult fitness, college, and professional athletes to train during off and on-seasons. TNP creates lifestyles of ultimate fitness and wellness through goal setting, mindset, quality coaching, accountability, education, and support.

Young entrepreneur and previous NFL player, Russell Dudley, is passionate about changing people’s lifestyle and does just that as the driven owner of TNP. After pursuing his dream of becoming an NFL player, Russell received certifications and started to train out of duffle bags at his clients’ homes. As his name and brand became well known in his community, his business grew and Russell needed a facility specifically designed for his mission of training athletes and expanding his brand.

Russell needed capital to grow his business and went to Carolina Small Business Development Fund, which provided him with funds that allowed him to expand his training facility so that he could offer a program specifically for NFL training. Since then, Russell has helped athletes to get into the NFL and trained athletes.

“TNP is home to some of the world’s top athletes. TNP’s facility is designed for pro athletes or those who wish to train like one. TNP has state of the art equipment which allows us to focus on teaching athletes how to move from the inside out and we ensure clients will reach their full potential,” said Russell Dudley.

Russell Dudley’s passion is sports and helping athletes reach their goals with confidence. In the next five years, Russell sees his TNP helping to place top NFL/NBA athletes and expanding with great business partners that have the same vision as him.

Top Notch Performance is located on 1707 Midland Terrance, Durham, NC 27704. For more information, you can contact Russell at 919.824.8096 or russell@topnotch-performance.com. You can also follow Top Notch Performance on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/top_notchperformance/ and visit http://tnpfit.com/.